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5 Interviewing Tips

  1. Research the company you are interviewing with. Show them that you are interested in more than just the money. (This can also be used to help predict their interview questions)
  2. Dress to impress for interview, even if the place of business you are interviewing for dresses down every day. Yes, even if they tell you on the phone dressing down is okay. You will stand out in the list of people who interviewed (and dressed down) as the one most dependable. Business attire helps give you confidence and reminds you what frame of mind to be in during an interview (very few exceptions to this rule). Retail-yes. Nanny-yes. Restaurant-yes you too.
  3. Do not tell stories during an interview unless it is relevant to the question and keep it short.
  4. Arrive 5-10 minutes early to the interview. This is a good way to stand out amongst other hirees.
  5. Smile! A smile goes along way. If the employer has to choose between two people with the same experience level, they are more likely to choose the person with the most positive disposition.

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